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About Us

I have over 25 years of experience in guiding people in their spiritual journey. If you’re looking to learn more about yourself or gain insight into someone else, you reached the right psychic. I can consult you on obtaining your own spiritual abilities and intuitions and also I help in all matters of life such as business, marriage , relationships. I am here for you! Call me today for a better tomorrow! All readings are private and confidential.


Price : $ 65

Tarot Card Reading

Price : $ 175 (one session)

Chakra Balancing

Price : $ 185+

Negative Energy Removal

Price : $ 60

Love Reading

Price : $ 150

Clairvoyan Reading

Price : $ 45

Palm Reading

Price : $ 75

Psychic Reading

Client's Testimonials

She was very accurate and gave me a lot of information to take in that is relevant and applicable to my life personally.

Kalea Grady

She didn't trigger anything immediately suspicious, and was accurate with numerical values that matched. It was shockingly good.

Elizabeth Lankford

Mrs. Debbie’s reading was so accurate and amazing! I have seen other other psychics and it was such a positive reading.

Jenna Sasnett

I had an amazing experience with Deborah! Absolutely spot on with her tarot card reading

Alexandrea Walters

Thank you very much Deborah for everything you've done. Confirmation of what we already know.

Leonard Jarrett

I had the psychic reading done and it felt like Debra was looking into my soul. She was able to pick up on challenges I’ve been facing.

Adrienne Peck

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